What should I do if I feel I am being bullied online through social media?

Video Transcription:

If you find yourself being bullied online through social media, you can contact the specific provider, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp and report the harassing content. However, you many also be able to block the specific user. But what typically happens is that user then creates multiple other profiles and will continue the harassment.

So to put a final stop to the harassment, the best way is to proceed with an injunction for protection or a restraining order. That will prohibit either direct or indirect contact from that harasser. It’s important to learn the identity of the person who is doing the harassment. If it’s just an anonymous post, then it could create more difficulties in proving your case. So gather as much information as possible, take screenshots, make sure you document every time you feel that you being harassed online. Who’s doing the harassment and keep copies of those screenshots in a file and print them out as well so that you don’t accidentally delete that information and you can use that as evidence to proceed with the restraining order.