What relief will the injunction provide for me?

Video Transcription:

An injunction or a restraining order provides the victim with the knowledge that the respondent or defendant, they’re prohibited from contacting you directly or indirectly. This means that they’re not allowed to show up at your school, at your work, at your house. They can’t come within 100 feet of your vehicle, even if you’re not in that vehicle. It also prohibits contact using technology.

They can’t call you, they can’t text you, they can’t email you, they can’t message you on social media, they can’t post about you on social media, post images of you, tag you, write your name in the post on social media. All of these actions are prohibited in an injunction or restraining order. However, it also prohibits indirect contact, which means they can’t reach out to your friends, your family and try to get messages to you that way.