What evidence do I need to prove that I am a victim of cyberstalking/cyberbullying?

Video Transcription:

To prove that you’re a victim of cyberstalking or cyberbullying, you will need to create a detailed timeline of events. You will need to write out the date, time, location. What happened during the incident, who was there, what witnesses are available. You also need to be able to explain how you know the identity of the person who’s been harassing you. If it’s online, the identity may not be readily available so you may have to do additional research or have an expert who can gather information on an IP address or other information that’s available to identify the defendant or the respondent. Once you have this information, you will also want to take screenshots so you’ll have images of the messages, of the call logs, of the emails, of the social media posts that are at issue. You want to keep that documentation in chronological order so that it’s easy for a law enforcement officer or a judge to easily see that yes you have in fact been a victim of cyberstalking.