What are the anti-stalking laws in Florida?

Video Transcription:

In Florida, we have specific protections on the basis of stalking. If you have a repeated pattern of unwanted contact that serves no legitimate purpose and causes substantial emotional distress, you not only have the basis for an injunction for protection or a restraining order, you also have the basis for the crime of stalking in Florida, which is a misdemeanor. However, if there are credible threats, it rises to a felony.

To document this information, you want to make sure you have a timeline, a log of events, very detailed, the date, time, what happened, who was there, what witnesses are available and also screenshots of that evidence. So that you have that information that you need to proceed with the injunction or the restraining order and to provide to law enforcement. Now it’s a very specific statute for stalking in Florida. In cyberstalking, the use of technology to harass, is specifically included under that definition.