If someone is being harassed by text messages/calls/emails in Florida, can a restraining order be placed?

Video Transcription:

A person who is being harassed through calls, emails, text messages in Florida, you have the ability to get a restraining order to put a stop to that harassment.

Now, to prove that injunction, restraining order or no contact order, you only need to have the copies of the screenshots showing in detail the amount of messages. In Florida, technically, only two specific incidents are required to establish stalking which is the legal term for cyberstalking. To establish that, you’ll need to have those screenshots and be able to say how you know was that person. Sometimes, you get calls from blocked numbers. You may have answered it unknowingly whatever side unknown or came up from a scrambled number, but if you can identify the voice, you can testify. Your testimony is evidence in a case and can be used as evidence in the injunction.