I received unwanted texts and emails from a co-worker. Is this cyberstalking?

Video Transcription:

If you’re receiving unwanted text messages or calls from a co-worker, it could be a basis for cyberstalking. You would have to prove that you asked this co-worker not to contact you, either over the phone, through messages, to call you or that it’s clear that you don’t want any additional contact. If the co-worker, if you’re communicating based on a specific project and the communication goes beyond that project, and it’s in a personal nature, harassing nature, and you’ve made it clear that you only want contact from that individual for that specific basis of whatever the work context is that you have to communicate with them. Anything beyond that could be a basis for an injunction. You can take legal action to protect yourself and to prevent them from continuing to harass you through calls or messages.