How do I file a complaint if my child has been cyberbullied?

Video Transcription:

If your child is being cyber bullied or cyber stalked, you need to make sure you document all the information. Create a detailed time of events with the specific date, time, description of the incident. Who witnessed it? Who was listed in the post? Who made comments on the post, especially through social media? Take screen shots of the images so that you can have evidence to prove your case. Once you have all the information that you need, you can go to the school. If it’s a classmate who’s bullying your child, then they may be able to address the situation. If you want to go further, if that doesn’t resolve the issue, you also have the ability to file for an injunction or a restraining order on behalf of your minor child. That would require providing that documentation, filing a formal petition for injunction with the court, and then going forward with the full hearing and providing that evidence to the judge who makes the final decision of whether or not to grant that injunction or restraining order. You can also report this information to the police. It’s better to call and have a police officer come to your home to report and document all the information. Make sure you get the officer’s badge number, the report number and any other information so that you can get in contact with that officer to provide any additional information that you may receive in the future.