How can I get a protective order in Florida for domestic violence?

Video Transcription:

In Florida, to get a protective order if you’re the victim of domestic violence, you want to file for a petition for injunction and you can file it under the basis of domestic violence. To establish your petition for injunction for domestic violence, you have to show that there’s a reasonable fear of harm or that immediate harm will occur and to do that, you need to have a timeline of events, go into detail about what happened. The judge needs to understand the history and the pattern of events.

Stalking is also a basis of domestic violence. You don’t need physical harm or threat of physical harm to get an injunction. It doesn’t just apply to a husband and wife or spouse. It also applies to roommates, to other family members, if you have someone who’s staying with you in your home for a specified period of time and there is just domestic violence that occurs, either threats of harm, or stalking or harassment that occurs, you can file for a protective order in that case as well. You are not required to file for divorce in order to get an order of protection or an injunction against your current spouse.