How can cyberstalking/cyberbullying be reported?

Video Transcription:

Cyberstalking and cyberbullying can be reported either directly through the website that their harassment is coming from, through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. You can contact the website directly and you can show them a screenshot of the image that you’re trying to report and have it removed that way. However, that may not solve the underline problem and it may just cause additional posts to be created. If that happens, then you want to make sure you have that documentation, those screenshots as evidence of the harassment.

The screenshots of the call logs, if the harassment is through the phone, screenshots of the text messages or any other messages or e-mails. You want to keep that documentation and keep it in chronological order, so it’s easy for a law enforcement officer or for a judge or a lawyer to examine if you have to go forward with the legal process to resolve the harassment.