How can a lawyer help me if I feel I am being stalked online?

Video Transcription:

If you feel that you’re being stalked online, that is a specific legal term of art. Some people have a misconception of someone just searching your Facebook page or looking at your photos, but in Florida, to be stalked legally requires a point of contact. Either a message or tagging you in a post, posting your photo, posting your name with a comment. Something of that nature.

A lawyer can sit down with you and explain what stalking is in Florida and what’s legally required to go forward. They can also explain what rights and remedies are available to you. Help to explain what an injunction is, the restraining order. If you want to proceed with that process, they can help you to organize all of the documents and information that you have so that you can provide a clear case to the judge, to request that order of protection. They can also help to explain what the criminal law of stalking is in Florida and how to properly document that and assist you with reporting the crime of stalking to police.

If a criminal case is filed in Florida, the lawyer can file a notice of appearance on behalf of the victim in the criminal case. That would allow for the victim to have their presentation through out that criminal process.

In Florida, the prosecutor represents the state in a criminal case. They do not represent the victim. The victim is technically only a witness to the events. Therefore, when you have an attorney, it assists with the prosecutor, they assist with law enforcement, gathering additional evidence. If records need to be subpoenaed. If a device needs to be subpoenaed, we can help to assist with coordinating an expert to be able to examine those devices and gather the information that we need to proceed with an effective case of stalking.