Do I need an attorney to file for an injunction?

Video Transcription:

As in any legal matter, the individual has the ability to represent themselves or go forward pro-se. You can do that in a civil case, you can do that in an injunction as well, however, depending on what you’re filing your injunction for. If it’s for stalking, domestic violence, repeated violence, dating violence. There are very specific requirements which must be included in that petition for a judge to have a basis to either grant a temporary injunction or to set it for hearing and if that information is not included they have no choice but to deny your request and not even set it for a hearing. If this happens it’s good to reach out to an attorney to say, “What can I do differently? What was missing here? I know I have a basis to go forward. What do I need?” And that’s where an attorney can sit down with you, a knowledgeable attorney, who is familiar with this area and knows what details need to be included. What are the keywords you have to include to meet the specific elements under the law.