Can someone file a lawsuit if their ex-husband/ex-wife is sending threatening emails and texts?

Video Transcription:

If your ex-husband or your ex-wife is sending you harassing or threatening e-mails or text messages, you may have the basis to proceed with an injunction or a restraining order against that person.

Now to prove that, you’ll need copies and screenshots of the messages, the call logs. You may have a child in common so there could be a legitimate basis for some of that communication, but if you’ve made it clear to your ex-spouse the communication is solely to be limited to the child and the child’s well being, and the communication goes beyond that is harassing you about where are you? Who are you with? Things of a personal nature that are not relating to that child, you can use that for the basis of the injunction or restraining order to prohibit that person from harassing you. If there are specific threats or credible threats in those messages you may have a crime of stalking. The credible threat rises from a misdemeanor in Florida to a felony.