Are victims of cyberbullying/cyberstalking protected by the law?

Video Transcription:

In Florida, victims of cyberstalking and cyberbullying are protected by the law. They have the ability to go forward with an injunction or a restraining order which prohibits direct and indirect contact with the victim. That means the offender can’t message the victim. They can’t post on social media about the victim. They can’t show up at the victim’s house, at their work. That also prohibits the indirect contact with reaching out to the victim’s family or friends to try to get messages to the victim. The victim also has the ability to report the incidents and technically the legal term is stalking.

Cyberbullying and cyberstalking are included under the stalking law of Florida. If they want to report this incident to police, the police can then provide this information to the state attorney’s office to determine if they want to go forward criminally with charges of stalking. The victim may also have other civil remedies available based on defamation, tortious interference depending on the nature of the allegations in this specific case.