In Florida, Stalking is the repeated pattern of unwanted contact which serves no legitimate purpose, and causes substantial emotional distress.

Such contact could include: showing up at your house, at your work, at your school.

With technology, electronic communication is included under “Cyberstalking” this could include: calls, text messages, emails, other forms of electronic messaging or social media posts.

As a victim of stalking, you can proceed with a civil injunction, commonly referred to as a “restraining order” or “no contact order,” which is the Victim v. Stalker.

Stalking is also a crime in Florida, a misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail. If there are credible threats involved, then it is escalated to a felony. The criminal case is State of Florida v. Defendant.

Many people don’t realize that the prosecutor actually represents the state of Florida, not the victim. When a victim has a private attorney in the criminal case, the Defense attorney is then restricted from contacting the victim directly.

At Cagnet Myron Law, we represent victims through the injunction process,
assist with gathering evidence, working with police officers and investigators to help build the criminal case. We also represent the victim throughout the criminal case, and handle any related civil matters.

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