We attended a great presentation, “Ceremony in the Garden,” at the Mounts Botanical Garden in Palm Beach County, where numerous victims shared their stories. The program was organized by Palm Beach County Victim Services. Several members of the Palm Beach County Anti-Stalking Collaborative were present to show their support. This was a great way to honor the victims of Palm Beach County.

The Broward Victim’s Rights Coalition organized a Vigil at the Long Key Nature Center. Attorney Stephanie Cagnet Myron is an active member of the Broward Victim’s Rights Coalition. She volunteered for this event to honor the victims and their families in Broward County.

We should all take time this week to show our support for victims. Here at Cagnet Myron Law, we are taking action to fight for victims of #Stalking #Cyberstalking #Cyberbullying #RevengePorn #SexualCyberharassment #SexualViolence #Rape