On September 14, 2016, Attorney Stephanie Cagnet Myron provided helpful tips for Stalking Victims on NPR’s “Topical Currents.” This episode focused on Technology Law. Attorney Stephanie Cagnet Myron discussed tips for Stalking Victims who are being stalked through their cellular phone.

First, if the victim believes that their stalker is accessing their phone through use of an “app,” a main way to ensure that the stalker is not able to access their phone is to turn the phone on “Airplane Mode.” This will turn off outside access to the cell phone. There are “apps” which are able to access the cell phone speaker to listen into conversations even when the cell phone is not in use at that time.

If you believe that the stalker has unauthorized access to your cell phone, some red flags to look for are:

1) If your battery is draining faster than normal. This may be a sign that the unauthorized application is running on your phone to track your gps location, calls, messages, etc.

2) If you touch your phone and it feels warm, even when you had not been using your phone. This may also be a sign that the applications are running without your knowledge.

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