Stalking And Cyberstalking

For Stalking and Cyberstalking, there is a common misconception that there is nothing that can be done until there are threats or acts of violence. This is not correct. In Florida, all that is required is a repeated pattern of unwanted contact that serves no legitimate purpose and causes substantial emotion distress. This could include activities such as repeated calls, emails, text messages, or other online messaging. This could also include showing up at a persons home or place of business. Indirect contact could include contacting a friend or family member to send a message to the victim. Currently in Florida, stalking and cyberstalking are misdemeanor crimes which are punishable by up to one year in jail. If there is a credible threat, that crime is elevated to a felony. We can assist vicitms of stalking and cyberstalking through the injunction process, help gather evidence to build a criminal case, represent the victim throughout the criminal process, and file any related civil matters.

dollarphotoclub_103454300-1-Attorney Stephanie Cagnet Myron has an extensive background in the evolving areas of Stalking and Cyberstalking. She led an anti-stalking collaborative team which consisted of victim advocates, attorneys, investigators and police officers throughout Palm Beach County. Victims of stalking and cyberstalking benefit from the Collaborative Team’s coordinated effort to address stalking and cyberstalking in Palm Beach County. The Collaborative Team developed programs and trainings to assist with the recognition, investigation, prosecution of stalking and cyberstalking in Palm Beach County.
Attorney Stephanie Cagnet Myron is the Director of the Palm Beach County Anti-Stalking Collaborative, where she organizes and leads training seminars for private attorneys, prosecutors, victim advocates and law enforcement officers to provide a better understanding of the complex legal issues involved in stalking and cyberstalking cases. She has also presented on the issues of stalking and cyberstalking at the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence (“FCADV”) Conference in Orlando, Florida. Attorney Stephanie Cagnet Myron organized and presented at the 2015 Regional Stalking Training Conference. Attorney Stephanie Cagnet Myron has also been invited to speak to numerous college students and high school students on the topics of stalking and cyberstalking. This experience and involvement allows us to better serve victims of stalking and cyberstalking throughout Palm Beach County.

If you or someone you know may be a victim of stalking or cyberstalking, you can call (561) 877-0230 to speak with Stephanie today. You can also reach Stephanie by email at